Click to download the Embodying Womanhood Application Here. Print, and fill it out.

Once the application is complete, please sendĀ  to Luzia at: 831 Brookside Drive, Felton, California 95018

Email Paige at if you have any questions.

Embodying Womanhood has some general guidelines:

  1. 18 years and older
  2. Attendance of all five modules
  3. Limited drug/alcohol usage and noneĀ one week before and after each module
  4. Commitment to harmonious conflict resolution and decision-making during the year
  5. No new projects/programs
  6. Two family members or friends present at the initiation ceremony

If you can commit to these guidelines, please fill out the application form.

The application and interview is the first step in your initiation process. Please be thoughtful and specific in your answers. They do not need to be lengthly, just an honest reflection of your past experiences and your current beliefs. If you prefer to answer any of the questions in your personal interview, that is okay, just state this in the application form. Enjoy the process!

Contact Paige at if you have any questions.

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