sunThere will be 5 retreats in the yearlong program.

Cost per module/retreat: $500 – $625 sliding scale.

The cost covers sleeping accommodations for 3 nights;  healthy meals and snacks and all incidentals.

$255 Deposit for first retreat required upon approval of application.

$255 due 4 weeks prior to each of the remaining 4 retreats.

Remainder of payment is due 5 days before each retreat.

Explanation of fees

The $500 reflects our actual operational costs including food, lodging, supplies for participants and facilitators. It also covers transportation expenses for staff and facilitators. At this price level, most facilitators are volunteering their time and expertise. If participants are able to pay on the higher end of the scale, we can use the difference to offer scholarships to ladies who cannot afford to pay the whole amount. If we can create even greater abundance, we can use it to enhance our program and offer our facilitators compensation for their service. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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