I invite you on a year-long journey of self discovery and “remaking” of yourself to become a fully embodied, Initiated women in the mysteries of body, mind, and spirit.

We enter the medicine wheel in the East with attention on the inner child and feeling safe in the world. We move to the South, our adolescent self, where we learn about creative expression and who we want to be in the world. We move through to the West, the spectrum of adulthood, learning to form healthy relationships and functional families. We pass through the North, our time of purification and self realization, so we can complete our life work, becoming responsible Earth citizens.

In each segment we review the old conditioning and associated belief systems so that we can present fresh paradigms and perspectives. We receive guidance through our own questioning, sharing, and intention to grow. We have the council of elders and wisdom from the plant spirit medicines to assist us. Ritual, ceremony, and community envelope the program and our living together becomes the fabric of the initiation. We do this for ourselves, our families, and the next 7 generations.

Through my work as a psychotherapist for the last 30 years, countless women, young and old, have lamented not having had a coming of age ceremony or initiation into adulthood, motherhood, or any phase of their lives, other than academic. They sense a void and long for a closer relationship with their Self, their Essence, and Spiritual nature.

Embodying Womanhood address’ many of these issues. We encourage initiates to use this program to re-create themselves in the image of the women they truly are. The variety of modalities in the retreats are used as mirrors for what innately moves, touches, stimulates, and entices us to greater understanding and creativity in our daily lives. Through our voyage around the medicine wheel, a natural flowering occurs, maturing into a recognition of our strengths and weaknesses, revealing who we want to be and how to be just that.

Self realization is a commitment. The initiation process is hard work on every level. Everything is challenged in a supportive kind of way. If you are thinking about entering this program please consider it deeply. Meditate on it, question yourself, talk to your friends, family, therapist, and mentors. Challenge yourself and let yourself dream it. If after serious deliberation you are still enthusiastic, we invite you to begin the application process.

I look forward to meeting with each of you individually and learning more about your personal aspirations and challenges.

Thank you for considering our program.

In peace,

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