Embodying Womanhood
is a year- long initiation program for young to middle age ladies, ages 21 and up, who wish to own and proclaim their transition into womanhood within a community of peers and elders.

The program is divided into five modules: four- instructional / experiential sessions of four days each and a fifth- initiation / celebration. We follow the progression of the medicine wheel starting in the East, in a developmental sequence addressing issues relevant to our evolution into mature actualized Beings.

We will live together, learning to create an atmosphere of safety, collaboration and good will that will hold and allow the individual and collective processes to flow and blossom. In each session we will explore psychological challenges and participate in a movement form and various processes of self-examination and integration. We will include a plant-spirit medicine ritual and other tools to facilitate self- knowledge and self-expression. There will be various facilitators and specialists who come to share their expertise in a particular module.

We acknowledge the power and support of a collective intention and the emotional, spiritual and material support of being in one anothers’ company.

In many cultures initiations were mandatory. The elders held the value of what these initiations brought to an individuals life, as well as the society as a whole, and gathered their youth at an age appropriate time. In our case, the program is voluntary and each participant a sovereign member of the group they form. We wish to adhere to the same integrity and sincerity present in traditional ways.

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